We continuously work to develop inspiring, high performing material palettes. You can imagine the options in materials and textures are almost countless. Each combination of color, finish and texture gives your fixture an unique and surprising appearance. You can configurate the luminaire you want - on both functional and aesthetic requirements. Completely transparent, translucent or opaque. With glossy, satin and matte finishes. Using polycarbonate ensures continuous performance in high demand applications and sustainability by dedault. We're happy to show you more on materials and textures.

Even the essentials are special

We call them essentials, but they are not basic at all in the many options you can add in finish and texture.

Unexpected effects with our translucents

Together with the textures the translucents can create amazing lighteffects.

Make a statement with our lollypops!

These smashing colors offer you unique possibilities to create outstanding luminaire

Shine with these posh metallics

With these sophisticated shiny colors you add serious elegance to every luminaire


You probably can’t imagine the possibilities in textures. Sutle or really pronounced, all patterns add lighting effects you’ve never seen before with traditional luminaires. Even your logo can be imprinted. Together with the right material you can enhance your brand experience big time. Try the different textures below and see if lines or wovens match your style.

The wovens: subtle texture, grand effect

The round and oval woven patterns give your luminaire a luxurious look

Lines are never out of fashion

Pa con repudipsunto illam quias as nonsequas etur? Me sunto voluptatur.

Express yourself with these outspoken textures

When you're really up to something rebellious, meet our expressives.

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