Quick installation with PerfectFit downlights

Marcel Hogenes from Technical Agency Hogenes had issues finding a LED downlight with the right size to fit his customers ceiling. He is very happy with PerfectFit. Now he can select a LED downlight in the exact size he needs, with the appropriate light output.

Marks & Spencer embraces sustainability with 3D printed luminaires for 50 stores

Marks & Spencer (M&S), the high street retailer, has made a commitment to improve store performance and generate significant savings, while focusing on more sustainable technologies in its stores.

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Cost savings and ease of installation for Barajas Airport

The airport wanted to upgrade its common areas in Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Reducing energy costs and easy installation were the main goals in this project.

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Beautiful custom lighting with 3D printed luminaires for Roady, an automotive repair shop in France

Roady was looking to improve their store’s appearance while helping their brand stand out, and they chose a lighting solution that was not only beautiful and sustainable, but also powerful enough to display their products in the best light.

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A sustainable solution for Unica with PerfectFit

Unica wanted a sleek ceiling, but the existing downlights were bigger than standard LED downlights available on the market. With PerfectFit downlights, Unica had the ideal solution. Printed to fit their exact specifications, the new lighting fit the existing ceiling cutouts without the need for an adaptor ring.

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Retro bell pendants for the office Perfect light and the right style

Skansa didn’t want ordinary downlights for its new office concept – with their preferences in mind, the architect designed a classic bell luminaire, but the lighting had to be suitable for an office environment as well. The BA Series met both requirements perfectly.

An easy update with major impact

The airport lounge needed a design upgrade, but there was no budget for huge structural changes. That's where PerfectFit 3D printed downlights come in. The SAS lounge was transformed into a cozy area with custom downlights that fit perfectly into existing ceiling holes, completely changing the ambiance and giving it a sleek new look.

Functional high bays with a tailored fit

Praxis was looking for a functional and flexible decorative luminaire to light their stores. As part of a major lighting renovation, they chose the PM series of our 3D printed luminaires for general lighting. The series is lightweight, easy to install, cost effective and sustainable, while also esthetically pleasing that ticked all the right boxes.

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Reusable, lightweight track-mounted downlights

Jumbo Supermarkets were the very first to install tailored luminaires in their stores. They wanted a unique look at an affordable price. Based on a standard light engine, the concept allows for easy upgrades in the future by simply replacing the shell with a new one.

Decorative pendants in a wide range of shapes, colors

Albert Heijn wanted a signature element to draw attention to the fresh food display. The pendants can easily be replaced by a new design and materials can be reused, resulting in a flexible, bespoke and sustainable solution.

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Tailored designed, re-usable decorative luminaires

Total was looking for a more modern look for their coffee areas while surprising customers with a bespoke design element. To do so, they had their logo printed directly into the luminaire itself – a truly personalized design. And the shades can be replaced quickly and easily. Functional, surprising and sustainable – all in one lighting solution.

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Fast, customized, and functional lighting with a design twist

Conad wanted to improve the ambience in the hospitality area of their stores, and to do so turned to PAR LED lamp-based luminaires specifically designed to meet their specifications. The process took just one week from briefing to delivery of their new luminaires.

A big, bold chandelier: 4 meters wide with 127 luminaires

To light up their space and brighten the storefront, Albert Heijn asked us to create a custom chandelier for their store entrance in Amsterdam. With 127 3D printed luminaires, the design was inspired by a slice of orange.

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