Decorative Pendants
RD Series

Custom tailored decorative pendants with a range of creative shapes and finishes

  • Create new decorative styles for your projects by selecting from a variety of polycarbonate materials, visually rich surface textures and unique and creative shapes
  • Highlight your brand with a logo or other artwork deeply embossed into the surface of the fixture
  • Tailored to your project needs
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    Quick exchange shades

    Easily change out your decorative shades to refresh your style concept or to match seasonal promotions, without changing the whole fixture.

    Simply lift up the shade, slide out the decorative collar and the shade can be replaced without disassembling the fixture.

    Gorgeous new finishes

    Intricate new finishes add a decorative fluorish to classic geometric shapes

    Explore creative new styles of surface textures resembling machine-turned, woven, or deeply etched finish styles.

    Tailored to your preference

    Custom designs for demanding project needs

    With our flexible digital production system, our fixtures can be modified in a variety of ways. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

    Fast lead times

    Custom options delivered fast

    We can supply a wide range of customization options without long lead times. Our revolutionary new manufacturing technology allows us to deliver unprecedented speed, flexiblity and economy.

    Circular economy ready

    Fixtures inherently designed for low environmental impact

    We optimize the design of our fixtures expressly to reduce our product’s environmental impact: Lightweight materials reduce our carbon footprint during production and reduce the fixture’s weight to minimize our transportation footprint.

    Tailored design increases Albert Heijns flexibility in store format

    The fresh food area at Albert Heijn has been equipped with specially designed, tested and produced pendants in only 3 months time

    Testimonial Albert Heijn

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    Spot on Total branding with custom-made decorative pendant luminaires

    Together, we developed a functional, decorative, surprising and sustainable design which reflects the ambiance Total wants to offer its clients

    Testimonial Total

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    Learn how our 3D printed luminaires can help you stay on trend while improving sustainability.

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