Copenhagen Airport (hereinafter CPH) has the ambition of becoming emission-free by 2050. This involves air traffic as well as operations, and it was therefore also with sustainability in mind that they in the Spring of 2020 had to renovate a number of offices in the airport’s terminal 3.

When it comes to energy renovation, price and savings are in focus. It was therefore important for CPH that the solution should provide significant energy savings while having a short payback time.


In collaboration with Signify CPH chose to replace 250 conventional downlights with the tailormade and 3D-printed GreenSpace Downlights with PerfectFit from Philips.

GreenSpace Downlight is a 3D-printed downlight with LED technology that supports CPH’s sustainability targets in several ways. The downlight is printed from recycled polycarbonate, which reduces CO2 emissions by 76%. At the same time, the lighting technology in the downlight consists of an LED board, which significantly reduces energy consumption compared to similar, conventional downlights. In an office like this, with need for light 24 hours a day, this is of great importance. PIR sensors were installed in the toilets for extra savings when no presence was detected.

PerfectFit has made it much easier to renovate. With PerfectFit, the downlight is printed based on specific measurements, so that there is no need for extra trims, to adapt the downlight to the cut-out.

Especially when renovating recessed lighting solutions, it is a challenge to find luminaires that fits the cut out 1:1. With Philips’ PerfectFit solution, however, it was possible for CPH to get a tailormade solution that would fit directly into the existing cut outs. Thus, it was not necessary to replace the ceiling, which kept the project budget down.

The mounting of the 250 downlights was made by the installer Kemp & Lauritzen. Kemp & Lauritzen’s electricity chairman at the airport, Henrik Nielsen, points out how the installation was easy and straightforward, due to the matching cut outs. The project was finished over 14 days and with a positive collaboration with Signify’s Key Account Manager Lars Goos.

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The result

CPH wanted an energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solution in the energy renovation of their offices in Terminal 3. By replacing the conventional downlights with an energy consumption of 39.6W per piece, with the sustainable LED downlights with an energy consumption of 12.5W, they have reduced the total energy consumption of the office by 68%. This corresponds to 60,000 kWh per year.

At the same time, the 3D-printed solution meant that the budget for the project could be kept to a minimum, as the 3D-printed downlights could be mounted directly in the existing installation.

The team


Mathias Jensen, Junior Energy Engineer, Copenhagen Airport


Peter Wulff, Department Manager, Kemp & Lauritzen
Henrik Nielsen, Electricity Chairman, Kemp & Lauritzen


Lars Goos, Project Key Account Manager, Signify


Sustainable solution

With 3D print technology, GreenSpace Downlight is designed for the circular economy. The downlight is printed with recycled polycarbonate that can be recycled over and over again to further CO2 reductions.

Great energy savings

In an office with activity around the clock, the conversion to LED is noticeable. By switching from conventional downlights to LED, Copenhagen Airport saves 60,000 kWh annually.

Easy installation with PerfectFit

The 3D-printed downlights are easy to mount in the existing installation, as they with PerfectFit are specially designed for the specific cut-out.

3D-printed downlights contribution to your sustainability goals Reduce CO2 emissions

*Impact Assessment Carbon footprint IPCC 2013 GWP 100
** The usage phase, although having the highest impact over its lifetime, is excluded as it is the same for the two combined products. Data based on comparison of traditionally produced downlight using die casting with 3D printed downlight in polycarbonate. Data for other products will vary.

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