No more hassle! Have you ever got stuck with an unsightly hole in the ceiling when replacing old downlights? With PerfectFit you’ll get the lightweight LED downlight that always fits and looks perfect at the same time. Perfect Fit is available for cut out sizes from 150-280 mm. And cut outs for 205-280 mm sizes coming soon

  • Stop wasting time searching in catalogues for downlights & halo rings
  • Faster installation - 100% guaranteed fit – no halo rings needed
  • Looks great and no double rings with colour differences on the ceiling
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Choose size

Fill in your prefered cut out in mm starting at 150mm with a max of 280mm. The entered value will be rounded down to the closest available cut out e.g. enter 183, the cut out will be 180 which will always fit.
All Greyed out combinations are not available

Choose light options

Choose extra options

Driver variants
Optional Accessories
Emergency options
Trim color options
Cabling options

Your configuration

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Configuration code

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Sealed durability

IP54 ingress protection and sealed housing keeps insects out

The fixture can be used for indoor applications in retail, hospitality & office. When using the protection shield the fixture can also be used in laboratories, food production, professional kitchens & semi-outdoor under-canopy applications.

Tailored to your preference

Custom designs for demanding project needs

With our flexible digital production system, our fixtures can be modified in a variety of ways. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Fast lead times

Custom options delivered fast

We can supply a wide range of customization options without long lead times. Our revolutionary new manufacturing technology allows us to deliver unprecedented speed, flexiblity and economy.

Circular economy ready

Fixtures inherently designed for low environmental impact

We optimize the design of our fixtures expressly to reduce our product’s environmental impact: Lightweight materials reduce our carbon footprint during production and reduce the fixture’s weight to minimize our transportation footprint.

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