Decorative Pendants
Double Series

Large and medium modern decorative pendant fixtures tailored to your needs.

  • Versatility of silhouette designs
  • Possibilities to customize the inner and outer shade colors and textures
  • Satin, transparent and metallic materials to combine with eleven different textures
  • Comfortable downlight effect
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Gorgeous new finishes

Intricate new finishes add a decorative flourish to a classic geometric shape

Digital manufacturing techniques create new surface textures resembling machine-turned, woven, or deeply etched finish styles.

Tailored to your preference

Custom designs for demanding project needs

With our flexible digital production system, our fixtures can be modified in a variety of ways. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Fast lead times

Custom options delivered fast

We can supply a wide range of customization options without long lead times. Our revolutionary new manufacturing technology allows us to deliver unprecedented speed, flexiblity and economy.

Circular economy ready

Fixtures inherently designed for low environmental impact

We optimize the design of our fixtures expressly to reduce our product’s environmental impact: Lightweight materials reduce our carbon footprint during production and reduce the fixture’s weight to minimize our transportation footprint.

Different inner and outer shade

Designed to look stunning in their inner and outer shade, the double series bring a new tailoring game as the inner and outer hood can be combined with different colors and textures to obtain a unique look and feel fixture arousing great illumination.

Fully customizable

Adjust each component of the luminaire as is needed. Choose from a conoid, round or arcade contemporaries' silhouettes and adapt the canopy and color cables to the desired style while driving attention to specific spot with broad downlight effect.

Distinctive versatility

Positioned as a single or multiple pendants, the possibilities to give a unique touch with inner textures allows the luminaire to be adapted to a diversity of settings from modern coffee shops to classic restaurant spaces.

Outstanding colorful silhouettes

Beautify the space with bespoken hanging fixtures that releases you from limitations and gives design freedom with a variety of rich colors such as satin white, metallic silver, green, gold, rose, blue and purple.

Perfect for office projects

Transform your office project with modern decorative pendant lights that gives a broad illumination calling the attention to different seating areas while making the space to look outstanding.


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