BA Series

Large decorative pendants tailored to your project needs

  • High power COB LED light engines
  • Variety of optical configurations
  • Large decorative bell shape
  • Opaque or translucent materials with a variety of finish textures
  • Tailored to your project needs
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Double shade (printed reflector) office compliant up to 2,700 lumens

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Gorgeous new finishes

Intricate new finishes add a decorative flourish to a classic geometric shape

Digital manufacturing techniques create new surface textures resembling machine-turned, woven, or deeply etched finish styles.

Tailored to your preference

Custom designs for demanding project needs

With our flexible digital production system, our fixtures can be modified in a variety of ways. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Fast lead times

Custom options delivered fast

We can supply a wide range of customization options without long lead times. Our revolutionary new manufacturing technology allows us to deliver unprecedented speed, flexiblity and economy.

Circular economy ready

Fixtures inherently designed for low environmental impact

We optimize the design of our fixtures expressly to reduce our product’s environmental impact: Lightweight materials reduce our carbon footprint during production and reduce the fixture’s weight to minimize our transportation footprint.

Power and style

Finally, a line of highly customizable decorative pendants equipped with powerful LED chip-on-board light engines up to 8,000 lumens with multiple optical and design options. The configurations with inner shade are UGR<19 up to 2,700 lumens!

Imagine the possibilities

Select from a wide range of color and material choices. With our digital production system, we off er unique surface textures resembling classic brushed metal, prismatic glass, or our creative new woven and beaded styles.

No ceilings? No problem

With plenty of lighting output, DALI dimming capapbility, a range of styles and a generous size, let us tailor your fixture for the perfect office lighting solution. Wide beam angles combined with deeply regressed light engines meet stringent uniformity and glare restrictions.

Make a great first impression

Mix and match from our unique textures and optic combinations to create a signature style for areas such as reception desks, coffee corners, or public walkways.

Fresh as the food

Large decorative fixtures equipped with powerful LED engines that project the same power as trackspots. Plus our custom light recipes allow for precision color rendering of your delicacies.

Any questions or comments? We’re here to assist you!

Learn how our 3D printed luminaires can help you stay on trend while improving sustainability.

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